Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO) is the Cub Scout leader training required for any Cub Scout den or pack outdoor event, including pack camping overnighters and Webelos den overnighters.

•Learn how to plan and run a Pack overnighter!

•Learn outdoor activities, games, and ceremonies you canincorporate into your outdoor program!

•Learn how to run a campfire program!

•Participate in hands-on Cub Scout cooking demonstrations!

•Learn about selecting and using Cub camping equipment!

BALOO training is comprised of two components—an online component (60-90 minutes) and a practical, hands- on component at Belk Scout Camp. Both parts must be completed to qualify as a “TRAINED” Cub Scout outdoor leader. The online component contains introductory content and must be completed prior to the practical (outdoor) component.

The practical component is a 1-1/2-day training event held at Belk Scout Camp. Participants will be expected to spend a night in a tent. Meals are included. A complete list of equipment will be provided upon registration.

Any questions contact Lori Bagley