Earle J. Gluck Award Recipients

The Charlotte Kiwanis Club sponsors the Earle J. Gluck Award at the annual dinner to recognize the outstanding Scout trainer(s) of the previous year. Earle Gluck twice served as president of the local council, including acting as the first council president of the newly named Mecklenburg County Council in 1940. He also was the president of WSOC Radio for a number of years.


Award Recipients



99th Annual Recognition Banquet - 2015 Earle J. Gluck recipients James K. Flynn, Steve Mazur, Mike Malyszko, Kristine McGuire, David Ruggles, Ricky Williams, Council Training Chair Miriam Olynick,  and Apache District Director John Crapster.

Year Recipient Year Recipient
1975 Mike Elliott 2008 Roger McFadyen
1976 Shirley Ferguson   Bob McLaughlin
1977 Roy Segee   Andrew Woodard
1978 Julius Pinkston 2009 Barry Douthitt
1979 Joel Moser   Don Eaker
1980 Jim Hancock   Susan Eaker
1981 Al Selby   Peter Heikes
1982 Susan Wampler   Miriam Olynick
1983 Louise Fair   Bill Rose
1984 Harold Patterson 2010 Jim Goda
1985 Phil Briggs   Ken Hilton
1986 Patsy Patterson   Mark Spisak
1987 Charles Knight   Ben Yarborough
1988 Willis Joseph 2011 Bob Coughlin
1989 Barbara Bogan   Craig Orr
  Zeke Clark   Darin Reynolds
1990 JoAnn Lee   Darren Seigler
  Dave Marquis 2012 Donnie Crump
1991 Susanne Miles   Christopher Gamble
  Dave Campbell   Bob Lang
1992 Maria Lemke   John Lee
  John Ashworth III 2013 Dan Hardesty
1993 Peggy Maillet   Rick Jensen
  George Maillet   Rick Messina
1994 Mary Horne   Peter Olynick
  Stephen Pace 2014 Julia Sain
1995 Don Whitehead   Paul Summers
  Max Treece   Dennis Tucker
1996 Bill Tyler   Michael Turner
  Joy Tyler   Scott Whitlock
1997 Al Ferrell 2015 James K. Flynn
1998 Marvin Bethune   Mike Malyszko
1999 Emily Pentecost   Steve Mazur
2000 David Keller   Kristine McGuire
  Staton Boyette   David Ruggles
2001 Jeff Worboys   Ricky Williams (Youth)
  Bruce Fowler    
2002 Kenn Bullock    
  Dwight McKnight    
  Bill Womack    
2003 Larry Banks    
  Dick Parks    
  Del Whittaker    
2004 Tanya Hartje    
  Stan Nester    
  David Royster    
2005 Bob Marun    
  Jim Sutton    
  Tom Ward    
2006 Dave Evans    
  Greg Jednak    
  Mark Morris    
2007 Michael Hartje    
  Lon Nigro    
  Eddy Via    

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